Monday, 18 August 2008

The "Llywydd" is a self-important twat

I ask you; in what other Parliamentary democracy does the Speaker/Presiding Officer feel the need to sound off on the issues of the day?

Rather than providing him with a platform, the media should be crucifying him for it. I don't necessarily disagree with the words that come out of his mouth (particularly, on powers and Israel) but I object to him saying it and the whole of Wales being forced to listen. Nick Bourne must be fucking apoplectic; this cunt is becoming the Government's unofficial opposition.

He should be told, in no uncertain terms to start behaving like a Llywydd. In other words: shut up or fuck off, Dafydd. There are plenty of others who would be more than happy to step into your trough.

Saturday, 16 August 2008


This has been covered widely and this blog is not here to repeat anything that's already been said elsewhere. There are just a couple of points I'd like to make:
  1. I don't think it's right that Dai Lloyd gets away with claiming to be whiter than white by registering no expense claims when everyone knows he's the joint beneficiary of the allowances paid to his mistress.
  2. Questions should be asked of the Ministers and Deputy Ministers who claimed shit loads in mileage payments even though they have taxpayer funded chauffer driven cars at their disposal.
  3. I don't know why everyone was so surprised to learn that Nick Bourne had bought a wok. He's always been extremely fond of Orientals.

Welcome to The Cwrt

OK, so I probably should have got out years ago and I probably have an unhealthy appetite for Welsh political gossip. Such is life, there are worse habits.

So, this blog is where I plan to "reveal all" about the murky life we lead in the Cardiff Bay village. Why am I doing it? On the off chance that someone else gives a toss about who's shagging who this week? Partly. It's recess and I'm bored? Yup. Because every ounce of enthusiasm I once had for this place has evaporated and I just don't give a fuck any more? Of course. But my main motivation is simply to try and make life a bit more uncomfortable for the cosy consensual love-in that is Welsh politics.

Obviously, I won't be revealing my identity and you will be getting no clues, other than: I am not one of the "usual suspects", neither am I Arsembly, Seneddwr, Wagstaff or anyone else under a new guise. I am probably the last person anyone would suspect...

So let's have some fun... Feel free to post pretty much whatever you want in the comments. I will only delete the really obscene and libellous. You can email your gossip etc. to Don't expect any credit. The only thing I will ever guarantee is anonymity.